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Toyota 86 1st Birthday Press Kit

  1. TOYOTA 86 PASSES 6,000 MARK


* Australia ranks 3rd in global sales *

Toyota's return to the sports-car market has been rewarded with more than 6,000 local customers snapping up the compact and dynamic 86 coupé.

Australia is the world's third highest market for the 86, claiming a podium position with Japan and the United States.

Toyota Australia's executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said Australia's 86 tally of 6,096 cars to the end of June was a remarkable achievement given the relatively small population.

Mr Cramb said cumulative global sales had passed 70,000 for a car praised widely for delivering maximum driving pleasure.

"Australian motorists have bought approximately eight per cent of all 86 sports cars delivered around the world since its debut last year," Mr Cramb said.

"The success of the 86 demonstrates that Australians love their cars and they love Toyota - and this car enables them to indulge both those passions," he said.

Mr Cramb said that, in addition to its ability to delight driving enthusiasts, the GT variant of the four-seat sports car remains priced from an amazingly low $29,990* - more than a year after its launch.

He said the aggressive pricing meant the great handling and performance of the 86 had extended its appeal to people who never imagined they could afford such a fun car.

"With its balance and handling rated in the same league as some legendary sports cars, the 86 has become a halo car that demonstrates Toyota's commitment to 'waku doki' - designing and engineering cars that really get your heart pumping."

Tight supply in 2012 limited the 86 to 2,047 sales to the end of December. In the face of persistent hot demand, Toyota Australia was able to secure a substantial increase in shipments.

Additional supply has enabled local dealers to deliver 4,049 cars so far in 2013 - a higher number than have been sold in Europe for the same period.

Mr Cramb said Toyota appreciated the support of local customers and he thanked them for their patience as Toyota worked hard to meet demand.

"On its own this year, the 86 has outsold the entire offerings of well-established brands in Australia such as Peugeot, Renault and Volvo," he said.

"If this remarkable machine were regarded as a standalone franchise, the 86 would be ranked in the top 20 brands so far this year.

"It is a powerful reminder of Toyota's sports-car heritage. The last time a Toyota sports car sold more than 5,000 in a year was in 1982 with Celica, while the highest Supra sales were 707 in 1984 and the best year for MR2 was 1990 with 483 sales."

The 86 is powered by a front-mounted, free-revving, horizontally opposed 'boxer' petrol engine and rear-wheel drive.

The unique powertrain is combined with a compact design, light weight and a low centre of gravity to provide lively, accessible performance and highly engaging dynamic abilities with minimal electronic intrusion.

The Toyota 86 is covered by the capped-price servicing plan, Toyota Service Advantage, with up to four scheduled services at just $170 each^.

Global 86 sales:

1. Japan


2. USA


3. Australia


4. UK


5. Canada


Toyota 86 pricing



86 GT manual


86 GT automatic


86 GTS manual


86 GTS automatic



# Recommended retail prices exclude dealer delivery, government and statutory charges and optional extras.

^Maximum payable for standard scheduled servicing (normal operating conditions) until first of 3 years or 60,000kms (up to the first 4 services). Excludes Government & Rental vehicles. Contact your Toyota Dealer or go to for other exclusions and eligibility.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Breen
Manager Public Relations
Tel: (02) 9710 3341
Mob: (0418) 447 064

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Toyota's 86 sports car has rejuvenated the company's brand with an influx of young new customers who had never previously considered a Toyota, the company said today.

Toyota Australia executive director sales and marketing, Tony Cramb, said more than four out of every five people buying an 86 had traded a non-Toyota vehicle, were first-time car buyers or had bought the 86 as an additional car.

Mr Cramb said the vital figure was that 55 per cent of sales were "conquests" - where the 86 replaced a vehicle from another brand.

He said this was strong evidence the 86 was achieving its purpose in broadening Toyota's core appeal of quality, durability and reliability.

"Toyota's first sports car in a decade has brought a surge of excitement to the brand, which has attracted a new wave of customers into Toyota dealerships," Mr Cramb said.

"The 86 is a halo car that tells motorists Toyota is designing and engineering cars that bring a fresh level of excitement and passion - what the Japanese call 'waku doki'," he said.

"That renewed spirit, led by global president Akio Toyoda, is also being translated into greater driving enjoyment in other Toyota vehicles such as the new Corolla and RAV4."

Mr Cramb said the car enthusiasts buying the 86 were substantially different from the general profile of a Toyota owner.

"The 86 buyer profile is heavily slanted towards city-dwelling young singles and couples with no children.

"This is markedly different from the family-oriented profile of many Toyota customers, including those in regional and rural areas who are big fans of vehicles such as HiLux and LandCruiser.

"The proportion of 86 owners in their 20s is twice the Toyota average - an important difference because we now have the opportunity to convert this group into long-term Toyota customers," he said.

"At the same time, there is strong interest in the 86 among DINKS (double income, no kids) and people aged 45 to 55, which our dealers tell us is often the result of professional business people who have decided to buy themselves a treat.

"This also makes sense of the fact that, despite being such an affordable car, three-quarters of buyers come from households with annual income over $100,000 - approximately one-third higher than for the overall Toyota owner group."

Mr Cramb said it was a pleasure to welcome into the Toyota family a new group of people who - like other sports-car enthusiasts - said they absolutely love driving and are fans of motorsport.

"A high number of 86 owners - 86 per cent, coincidentally - say they only want a vehicle that is fun to drive. That is about double the score for any other Toyota.

"Other attributes that tend to set them apart are their passion for music, wining and dining, while they are not necessarily fond of pursuits such as gardening.

"The younger group of owners also means there is a proportionally higher mix of university graduates and people in professional and white-collar occupations," Mr Cramb said.


For more information, please contact:
Mike Breen
Manager Public Relations
Tel: (02) 9710 3341
Mob: 0418 447 064

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The high-spec GTS versions of Toyota's 86 sports car are outselling their more affordable GT siblings by almost two to one, Toyota said today.

Executive director of sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the GTS manual and automatic cars have accounted for 65.5 per cent of sales since the 86 was launched in June last year.

Mr Cramb said the sales split - with more affordable GT models at 34.5 per cent of total sales - is the opposite of what Toyota initially expected.

He said the most in-demand variant of the hot-selling 86 is the high-spec GTS grade fitted with a manual transmission.

The most popular 86 colour - accounting for one-quarter of all sales - is white, followed by black, red, dark grey and orange.

"The GTS manual on its own accounts for almost four out of every 10 sales of the 86 sports car while the GTS auto represents more than one-quarter," Mr Cramb said.

"There is a $5,500 price difference between the two grades, so we'd normally expect something like a 60:40 sales split in favour of the more affordable cars," he said.

"We soon learnt demand was running in the opposite direction, so we moved quickly to adjust our orders and, in light of the incredible demand, we also managed to secure additional stock from the factory."

Mr Cramb said buying patterns among 86 customers were different in several other ways.

"Sales to private buyers are running at almost 80 per cent, which is almost double the level across all Toyota models.

"We are selling a higher proportion of 86 than the average for our other vehicles in NSW, Victoria, South Australia - and particularly in the ACT.

"The running rate for 86 sales in Canberra is more than 50 per cent higher than the average Toyota sales rate across all other models.

"We believe it's due to Canberra's relatively young population. It also fits with other demographic features of the typical 86 buyer - a higher mix of university graduates and people in professional and white-collar occupations.

"Of course, I wouldn't want to discount the influential role of four-time national rally champion, Toyota ambassador and long-time Canberra resident Neal Bates."

Mr Cramb said the big mining and farming districts - Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory - had a lower proportion of 86 sales than the overall Toyota average.

"Those regions are real LandCruiser and HiLux country while the 86 is much more of a car for young singles and couples in metropolitan areas," he said.


For more information, please contact:
Mike Breen
Manager Public Relations
Tel: (02) 9710 3341
Mob: 0418 447 064

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Local drift legend Beau Yates will exploit the agility of Toyota's newest sports car when he debuts a specially modified 86 in the upcoming national drift title series.

Yates, who is returning to competition after a three-year break, has teamed with Sydney-based performance specialists to produce a storming 350kW competition racer based on the rear-wheel drive 86.

Announcing the project, Yates said his passion is to embrace the philosophy behind the compact 86 sports car by developing and improving on its performance and nimble handling.

"The 86 is an affordable sports car that's meant to be enjoyed by driving enthusiasts everywhere," Yates said.

"The starting point is an exceptionally responsive and agile car with intuitive handling that gives precise feedback.

"Its chassis and suspension are so neutral and predictable, there's plenty of scope for a car nut like me to fully explore its dynamic potential.

"To convert a standard vehicle into a competitive and dedicated drift machine, my plan is to take out more than 250kg from the already lightweight 86 and more than double its power with a turbocharger and other engine modifications.

"My AE86 championship car was nimble and flexible, but the new 86 combines those qualities with spectacular go-forward speed," Yates said.

Supported by Toyota Australia, the competition 86 will be completed in time for the first of the four-round Australian Drifting Grand Prix at Adelaide's Mallala Raceway on October 5.

Yates shot to drifting prominence when he won the 2007 championship in a Toyota AE86 - the spiritual predecessor of the enormously successful 86.

The 86 has inherited the qualities that made the AE86 a popular choice for rallying, circuit driving and drifting - front-engine/rear-drive powertrain, responsive and high-revving engine, compact dimensions, light weight, good balance and a high power-to-weight ratio.

The 86 - voted "car of the year" by many Australian and international organisations - has become a drift sensation.

It is appearing in drift championships globally. Four times Nordic Drift Champion Fredric Aasbo is a top contestant in the North American championship in a turbocharged version.

Yates said he was inspired to enter the Australian title when he met Aasbo at the Formula Asia Drift Championship round at Calder Park, near Melbourne, in March.

Aasbo was driving a NASCAR V8-powered version of the 86.

The Australian Drifting Grand Prix moves from Mallala to Barbagallo Raceway in WA (December 7-8), Sydney Motor Sport Park (January 25-26) and Calder Raceway in Victoria (April 5-6).


Note: Beau Yates is a motor sports expert and Toyota Ambassador. The use of a Toyota vehicle in motor sport or any related activities, as well as performing modifications to the standard vehicle, may void the Toyota new vehicle warranty. Owners should refer to the warranty and service logbook or consult with a Toyota dealer for more information.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Breen
Manager Public Relations
Tel: (02) 9710 3341
Mob: 0418 447 064

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Engine type 2.0L-Boxer 4
Capacity (cm3) 1998
Cylinders/valves Boxer 4/16V
Description Four cylinders, horizontally opposed, 16-valve, DOHC, four valves percylinder and alloy cylinder block
Bore x stroke (mm) 86 x 86
Compression ratio 12:5:1
Max. output 147kW @ 7,000rpm
Max. torque 205Nm @ 6,400-6,600rpm
Recommended fuel type98 or more Octane
Fuel-tank capacity (L)50
TypeSix-speed manual
Six-speed sequential-shift
automatic (with paddle shift on GTS 86)
Ratios: 1st3.6263.538
Final drive4.100:14.100:1
Turning circle 10.8m (tyre), 11.4m (body)
Type Rack and pinion Electric Power Steering (EPS)
Suspension type
FrontMacPherson strut with coil springs, gas-filled dampers and rose-jointed stabiliser bar
RearDouble wishbone with coil springs, gas-filled dampers and rose-jointed stabiliser bar
Seating 4
Cargo space height 391mm
Exterior dimensions
Overall length (mm) 4,240 (std; 4,255 with Aero package)
Width (mm) 1,775 (std; 1,795 with Aero package)
Roof height (mm) 1,285
Wheelbase (mm) 2,570
Tracks (mm)Front: 1,520 Rear: 1,540
Interior dimensions
Front to rear couple distance (mm)700
Front legroom (mm) 1065
Rear legroom (mm) 759
Driven wheels
Wheels and tyres
GT 16 x 6.5J alloy with 205/55 R16 tyres

GTS 17 x 7J alloy with 215/45 R17 tyres
Brake type
GTVentilated front and solid rear disc brakes with anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA) and vehicle stability control (VSC).
Front disc size: 277mm diameter by 24mm thick
Rear disc size: 286mm by 10mm thick
GTS Ventilated front and ventilated rear disc brakes with ABS, EBD, BA and VSC.
Front disc size: 294mm diameter by 24mm thick
Rear disc size: 290mm diameter by 18mm thick
0-100km/h (s) 7.6 (manual), 8.2 (auto)
Max. speed (km/h) 226 (manual), 210 (auto)
Coefficient of drag0.27
Fuel consumption (L/100 km)*
Combined 7.8 (manual), 7.1 (auto)
Urban 10.4 (manual), 9.6 (auto)
Extra urban6.4 (manual), 5.7 (auto)
CO2 emissions (g/km)*
Combined 181 (manual), 164 (auto)
*Fuel consumption and emissions will vary depending ondriving conditions/style, vehicle conditions and options/accessories. Source offuel consumption data: ADR81/02 combined cycle.


For more information, please contact:
Mike Breen
Manager Public Relations
Tel: (02) 9710 3341
Mob: 0418 447 064

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