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* Camatte Petta roadster to inspire next generation of drivers
* Special driving school for children at the Tokyo Toy Show
* Learning how to steer, accelerate and brake

Parents will take a back seat, literally, when Toyota hands children the keys to its latest concept roadster at this month's Tokyo Toy Show.

Young visitors to the show will be able to get behind the wheel of the Camatte Petta concept car for a hands-on driving experience around a test track on Toyota's stand.

The Camatte School is designed to capture the imagination of the next generation of drivers (and their parents) by showing them much fun driving can be.

It's a dream-come-true for the youngsters who would normally have to wait years before climbing behind the wheel of a real vehicle.

By participating, children will first learn how to use a car's steering wheel, accelerator and brake on a simulator before using these skills to take control of a real vehicle.

An adult seated behind and to the left of each child can monitor steering and braking to help develop their driving skills.

Once they have completed the course, the junior motorists will be rewarded with their own "driver's licence" complete with photo.

The Camatte Petta is the latest in the Camatte series of concept cars Toyota has presented at the show for the past five years.

It is more than three metres long with three seats and is powered by an electric motor. The name Camatte is based on the Japanese word for caring.

Before driving the Toyota, each child will be able to give their car a personal design with colourful magnetic decals and panel designs for the bodywork.

Younger children and those not tall enough to drive the Camatte Petta will still be able to learn how to operate a car by using the driving simulator before sitting in Toyota's Camatte 57s concept car and receiving a "provisional" licence.

The colours and style of the Camatte 57s, which debuted at the show in 2013, can be customised by using 57 easily removable and installable body panels.


Seating capacity3
PowertrainElectric motor


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Toyota gives kids the keys to the Camatte Petta concept
Toyota gives kids the keys to the Camatte Petta concept
Toyota gives kids the keys to the Camatte Petta concept
The Camatte 57s concept with its detachable body panels