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The Toyota HiLux that conquered the North Pole and drove to the heart of Iceland's devastating volcano is now ready to tackle Australia.

After proving its exceptional toughness in some of the world's harshest environments, the go-anywhere HiLux will be a feature of the Toyota stand at this year's Australian International Motor Show.

HiLux had the measure of every challenge as it became the first car to reach the Magnetic North Pole. It also proved to be the perfect transport for scientists racing to set up monitoring equipment at Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

For the drive to the pole, the double-cab 3.0-litre turbo-diesel HiLux was specially adapted to cope with the extreme terrain and temperatures which dropped as low as minus 36oC.

Undertaken for the BBC's Top Gear by Jeremy Clarkson and James May, the 360-nautical mile route began at Resolute in Nunavut province, Canada.

Perils included polar bears - and hitting hidden blocks of ice, which transmitted large shocks through the suspension and at times sent the HiLux airborne.

The expedition featured two other specially prepared vehicles - another HiLux and a LandCruiser Prado - with a film crew and their equipment.

For the Icelandic volcano adventure, the legendary HiLux was fitted with the same extreme-environment specification, including giant low-pressure 38-inch tyres.

HiLux once again proved itself the master of everything man and nature could put in its path as it made its way towards the fiery heart of the volcano.

It arrived just hours before the long-dormant mountain blew its top and sent a vast cloud of ash 10,000 metres into the sky.

The ash-filled atmosphere brought chaos to the skies of Europe with massive disruption to airlines and travellers around the world.

The ability of HiLux to complete its mission was in stark contrast to the world's most advanced aircraft, which were rendered powerless by the ash-filled atmosphere.

The Australian International Motor Show runs from October 15-24.


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Toyota HiLux conquers the Arctic - the first vehicle to reach the North Magnetic Pole.
Toyota HiLux drives to the heart of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano.