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A farming business is capitalising on the toughness and reliability of Toyota LandCruisers to ferry workers over huge distances across the country.

National Grazing Services (NGS) and its new offspring, Rural Management Solutions (RMS), are based in Dubbo, NSW, and use a fleet of LC78 TroopCarriers, LC100 wagons and LC79 Cab Chassis on the long-distance journeys.

NGS and RMS workers travel to remote regions that include north-western Queensland, rural Victoria, central Australia and even Western Australia.

RMS manager Kerry Noye says the company’s LandCruisers take all the challenges they are put through in their stride.

“We can fit eleven people in a car and you know they are going to get to their destination, no matter how far away it is,” he says.

“Over rough dirt roads or slippery wet roads, they are just so reliable.”

NGS primarily hires labour to farmers for shearing while RMS focuses more on labour for grape pruning, grain storage, and sowing cotton seeds.

“We are currently looking after about 600,000 sheep in Hamilton,” says Kerry Noye, who has been with NGS since its inception and is now overseeing RMS.

“We advertise all over the State for people interested in working and earning good money on the land - we get a huge take-up of backpackers.

“At any one time we might have between 30 and 40 labour hire farms and about between 40 and 50 shearing teams of roughly 10 people on our books.

For those who answer the job advertisements but have no shearing experience, NGS organises training from Wool Industry Training.

“We do long tough journeys, in all sorts of conditions, often towing heavy trailers full of luggage,” said Kerry Noye.

“And the LandCruisers are there to make sure we get the job done.”

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Kerry Noye from Rural Management Solutions with one of his company’s long-distance Toyota LandCruiser 78 Series TroopCarriers.