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* Australia ranks 3rd in global sales *

Toyota's return to the sports-car market has been rewarded with more than 6,000 local customers snapping up the compact and dynamic 86 coupé.

Australia is the world's third highest market for the 86, claiming a podium position with Japan and the United States.

Toyota Australia's executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said Australia's 86 tally of 6,096 cars to the end of June was a remarkable achievement given the relatively small population.

Mr Cramb said cumulative global sales had passed 70,000 for a car praised widely for delivering maximum driving pleasure.

"Australian motorists have bought approximately eight per cent of all 86 sports cars delivered around the world since its debut last year," Mr Cramb said.

"The success of the 86 demonstrates that Australians love their cars and they love Toyota - and this car enables them to indulge both those passions," he said.

Mr Cramb said that, in addition to its ability to delight driving enthusiasts, the GT variant of the four-seat sports car remains priced from an amazingly low $29,990* - more than a year after its launch.

He said the aggressive pricing meant the great handling and performance of the 86 had extended its appeal to people who never imagined they could afford such a fun car.

"With its balance and handling rated in the same league as some legendary sports cars, the 86 has become a halo car that demonstrates Toyota's commitment to 'waku doki' - designing and engineering cars that really get your heart pumping."

Tight supply in 2012 limited the 86 to 2,047 sales to the end of December. In the face of persistent hot demand, Toyota Australia was able to secure a substantial increase in shipments.

Additional supply has enabled local dealers to deliver 4,049 cars so far in 2013 - a higher number than have been sold in Europe for the same period.

Mr Cramb said Toyota appreciated the support of local customers and he thanked them for their patience as Toyota worked hard to meet demand.

"On its own this year, the 86 has outsold the entire offerings of well-established brands in Australia such as Peugeot, Renault and Volvo," he said.

"If this remarkable machine were regarded as a standalone franchise, the 86 would be ranked in the top 20 brands so far this year.

"It is a powerful reminder of Toyota's sports-car heritage. The last time a Toyota sports car sold more than 5,000 in a year was in 1982 with Celica, while the highest Supra sales were 707 in 1984 and the best year for MR2 was 1990 with 483 sales."

The 86 is powered by a front-mounted, free-revving, horizontally opposed 'boxer' petrol engine and rear-wheel drive.

The unique powertrain is combined with a compact design, light weight and a low centre of gravity to provide lively, accessible performance and highly engaging dynamic abilities with minimal electronic intrusion.

The Toyota 86 is covered by the capped-price servicing plan, Toyota Service Advantage, with up to four scheduled services at just $170 each^.

Global 86 sales:

1. Japan


2. USA


3. Australia


4. UK


5. Canada


Toyota 86 pricing



86 GT manual


86 GT automatic


86 GTS manual


86 GTS automatic



# Recommended retail prices exclude dealer delivery, government and statutory charges and optional extras.

^Maximum payable for standard scheduled servicing (normal operating conditions) until first of 3 years or 60,000kms (up to the first 4 services). Excludes Government & Rental vehicles. Contact your Toyota Dealer or go to for other exclusions and eligibility.

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More than 6,000 local customers have bought the compact and dynamic Toyota 86 coupé.
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