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A fleet of Toyota LandCruisers has proved its ability to deal with the harshest climatic conditions by moving more than half a million skiers this year in the Victorian snowfields.

Mansfield-Mt Buller Bus Lines operates a fleet of 30 LandCruiser TroopCarriers on Mt Buller, one of Australia’s most popular and famous ski resorts.

The LandCruisers operate as taxis, moving as many as 6000 skiers a day between the car parks and lodges during the winter months.

The only difference between these 78 Series LandCruiser TroopCarriers and those that operate in Australia’s cities or deserts is the use of Alpine diesel fuel, which contains an anti-freeze additive.

John Christopher, the operations manager of Mansfield-Mt Buller Bus Lines, has been with the company for 15 years. He said the LandCruiser TroopCarriers have proven themselves trouble-free and provide comfortable accommodation for 12 passengers.

“They have to cope with extreme conditions up here with the ice and snow, so they do it hard, but the Toyotas handle the conditions very well,” said Mr Christopher.

“They hang on really well and people don’t get thrown around in them, which is important in our business.

“We never have any trouble with them and people snap them up when we put them on the market.

“We buy four new ones each year, so we only turn them over every eight or nine years.”

The LandCruiser taxis are parked for the summer months and only return to service when the next ski season rolls around.

Mansfield-Mt Buller Bus Lines also operates three Toyota Coaster 21-seater buses when conditions allow and has a 100-Series LandCruiser available for hire.

Mt Buller is said to be the most accessible major snow resort in Australia, located just 250km from Melbourne and its international airport.

The mountain is home to Olympic gold medallist and World Champion, Alisa Camplin.

Also based at Mt Buller is the world’s number one women’s freestyle aerial team, the ‘Flying Kangaroos’, consisting of Camplin, Lydia Lerodiaconou, Liz Gardner and Jacqui Cooper.


John Christopher, operations manager of Mansfield-Mt Buller Bus Lines, with some of the fleet of 30 LandCruiser TroopCarriers his company has used to transport more than half a million skiers this year around the Victorian snowfields.